Shivam College Of Education (SCE) located at Rikhia, Khata No.-6/2, Plot No.- 47, Mouza-Babudih, Anchal- Mohanpur, PS- Mohanpur, PS No.- 525, Near Rikhia ashram Deoghar- Rikhia, District Deoghar(Jharkhand) is run and managed by Shivam Educational Society. The college has been established in the year 2017.

The College is an imperative need for a larger number of untrained graduate youths of the region and make them qualified to seek employment and to promote human resource SCE which could be safely entrusted with the responsibility of teaching the students in the light of cultural, religious and linguistic heritage of tribal community of Jharkhand so that they may be able to discharge their national obligation, making India a glorious nation. SCE is having well equipped building with well equipped laboratories, library and other essential facilities as required by National Council for Teacher Education. It is located in a very peaceful area having wonderful scenic beauty and well connected from Deoghar.


The aim of Shivam college of education is to establish social spaces in the country for providing quality educational experiences to improve human capital and create quality manpower for a knowledge society.


Shivam college of education will provide a complete and unique educational experience for the student, preparing the student for a successful life in the contemporary society. The vision of Shivam college of education envisages:

To create an excellent educational institution synthesizing the human values with the highest quality of teaching?learning using modern technology-driven tools for preparing a well-rounded personality for our society.

To shape global minds on the Indian soil: To ensure this, the College will give every student an access to world-class infrastructure, and an innovative curriculum that promotes the all-round development of the student imbibing traditional values.


Every student is unique. It is a well-known fact that no two thumb prints are alike. In the same way, we believe that every student is born unique. Each student has a unique brain network that shapes how she absorbs and responds to stimuli. One way of teaching does not work for every student. We need to teach the way they learn, not for SCE them to learn the way we teach. Education should foster real understanding: Understanding is different from acquiring information. Mere acquisition of information relies on memory, understanding relies on conceptual clarity. Colleges are not assembly lines of syllabus and exams. We help student make meaning of life and develop the muscle to lead life effectively. For this, we go beyond academics to include life skills, values and habits. Real understanding comes from an integrated approach: We have a vision of the student we aim to graduate and everything in our colleges is designed around that vision. Building design, pedagogy, teachers, curriculum content, activities and examinations ? all are integrated to achieve this vision. A college is an eco-system where different factors have an effect on the student. Teachers, curriculum, assessments, environment, infrastructure, activities all come together to nurture the unique potential of the student.